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Genghis Barbie

GENGHIS BARBIE, the leading post post-feminist feminist all-female horn experience, is the most innovative and energizing chamber ensemble of its generation and beyond.

With a combined 24 years of conservatory training, Genghis Barbie delivers to you a visceral and unadulterated musical adventure. Performing arrangements of pop music from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and today, contemporary commissions, and classical works, they are the most versatile and expansive group on NYC’s classical/pop/rock/jazz/indie/alternative/punk/electro-acoustic scene.

Genghis Barbie was incepted in a unique moment of ingenuity when Freedom Barbie, Cosmic Barbie, Velvet Barbie, and Attila the Horn converged and vowed to create distinctive, interactive and personal performances.

In addition to their busy New York City performing schedule, the ladies of Genghis Barbie have performed as Contributing Artists at the 2011 International Horn Society Symposium in San Francisco, played Schumann's Konzertstuck with the Southern Methodist University Wind Ensemble, and appeared on America's Got Talent.

In May 2012, Genghis Barbie premiered a new concerto for four horns commissioned by the New York Youth Symphony in Stern Auditorium at Carnegie Hall.

As educators, they have toured numerous universities presenting workshops, masterclasses, and lectures on musical entrepreneurship.

They have released four studio albums: the self-titled debut album, the holiday album "Genghis Barbie: Home for the Holidays," "Genghis Baby: Songs for Noa," and the newly released "Amp it Up!" Genghis Barbie aspires to appear on the Ellen DeGeneres show within one calendar year. 

Our Kit

Velvet Barbie: Standard 180K with Pink Barbie Bell in a Hemingway's Dream CardoCase, and a miniature snare drum and pink drumsticks!

Freedom Barbie: Dieter Otto 180K Jeff Nelsen model with Black Glitter Barbie Bell in a Rheingold CardoCase

Attila the Horn: Dieter Otto 201, nickel free! Barbie-licious Purple Glitter Bell in a Space Cowboy CardoCase

Cosmic Barbie: Dieter Otto 180k Jeff Nelsen model with Silver Plated Barbie Bell, Night at the Opera CardoCase

Genghis Barbie is sponsored by Balu Mutes

Essential Group
Must Haves

A car large enough to fit four people, four horns, four suitcases, and sometimes a baby stroller and a diaper bag. The Merch bag. 4 Sharpies. GENGHIS BARBIE PAPER DOLLS. A local map to good food and COFFEE! We don't mess around.

Something Worth Learning Together

It's essential to love what you do.
Play music you love with people you love and have FUN!
Be genuine, honest and accepting.
Get comfortable with vulnerability!
It's all about the music!
The only rule in Genghis Barbie is there are no rules.
Amp it up!

Favorite Things

Chili's bottomless tostada, lip balm, unsweetened iced tea, Tony Danza, a great cappuccino, brunch. For more GB favorites, please see our Somebody to Love video...

Group Practice Inspiration

We practice so we can play anything we want! A Genghis Barbie show has some of the most fun but also challenging music we play, so we want the flexibility to do everything we want to do on the horn and beyond!

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