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Brass Instrument Cleaning

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Cleaning Options


Cleaning: Instruments are carefully and completely disassembled. Slide tubes: Slide tubes are thoroughly cleaned, including submersion in an FDA-compliant degreasing solution. Our proprietary technique of cleaning their exteriors with micro-mesh cloths prior to ultrasonic cleaning allows for slide grease (applied during reassembly) to hold its position on the tubes longer than when applied to traditionally highly-polished tubes. Valves: Valves are pre-treated in a double boiler of simple green, rinsed in distilled water, and placed in a protective basket for ultrasonic cleaning. Following ultrasonic cleaning, they are rinsed in distilled water and hand dried. Small Parts: (including screws, levers, linkages, bumper plates, etc.) are similarly treated. Corpus: Following ultrasonic cleaning, a snake brush is drawn through the tubing of the corpus and crooks. They are rinsed thoroughly with a high-pressure fresh-water spray. New to our process: We now disinfect the horn and parts in a completely eco-friendly, FDA Compliant bath. This disinfectant kills 99.9% of any bacteria that may have remained from the cleaning process. After the horn and parts are dipped in the disinfectant, everything is dried with a soft cloth. As the horn is reassembled, water key corks and bumper materials are replaced as necessary, as well as replacement of existing linkage string with proprietary high-performing string. Careful attention is given to rotor alignment utilizing both hash marks and an internal bore scope; we carefully inspect rotors for imperfections, as well as make small adjustments for fit and feel. Hetman Synthetic Lubricants are used during reassembly unless otherwise specified by the customer. Instrument is thoroughly play tested at the end of this service.
The 1/2 Year Reset: Between annual cleanings, you may wish to reset the inner workings of the instrument in lieu of a full cleaning. This service is designed to be a fast, effective replacement for at-home bath treatments. The reset removes and replaces lubricants on the horn while quickly flushing out the instrument of any slime build-up within the instrument. Eco-friendly (FDA-compliant) degreasing solution is used on both the interior and exterior of the instrument, as well as used as a soaking solution for slide crooks. The horn’s tubing is snaked with no disturbance to the valves. A high-pressure fresh-water spray through the horn precedes a disinfectant bath (also 100% eco-friendly and FDA compliant) which kills 99.9% of any harmful bacteria. We the hand dry and relubricate/reassemble. The instrument is thoroughly play tested at the end of this 30-minute service.


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