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Annamia Larsson

Annamia Larsson is a Swedish girl, who grew up on a sheep farm with a musical family of string- and piano players. She started playing the horn at the age of 12.

The main criteria in the choice of instrument was that it had to be a non-girly instrument, so the horn was chosen without ever having seen a picture of one.

The goal was to study at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and to become a music teacher, so she applied to the music high school and moved to Stockholm at the age of 15.

In Stockholm, the world of orchestral music opened, and the goal was changed to become a performing musician instead.

After high school, Annamia started her studies at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm with Dick Gustavsson. In her second year, she got a contract with the Royal Opera in Stockholm for six months as a low horn player, and during this contract there was an audition for the same position, which she won. But at the same time Annamia was admitted to study in Vienna with prof. Roland Berger, so before starting the position at the Royal Opera, she went to study in Vienna for one semester. During this semester, the co-principal position was opened at the Royal Opera in Stockholm, and Annamia also won this position, so she never started her position as low horn player.

After working for two years, Annamia went back to the Royal College of music to make the soloist diploma, so she combined studies with orchestra for two years. This time she studied with Dick Gustavsson and Markus Maskuniitty. During this period she was asked to play a gig with the ensemble of contemporary music in Stockholm, KammarensembleN. This concert was the eye-opener for contemporary music, something Annamia since then keeps warm to her heart. She also became a member of the group.

Annamia graduated in 2008, right before she got her first child, and in the fall that year, she started teaching horn at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

In 2009 Annamia got the position as principal horn of the Gävle Symphony Orchestra, and in 2010 she left the Royal Opera in Stockholm. That same year she got the position as the horn player of the prize winning quintet, Stockholm Chamber Brass. Annamia is performing and giving master classes in various countries and is really enjoying working with students, meeting different musicians and sharing inspiration.

My Kit

  • Horn: Duerk Model D3 hand hammered corpus with a normal brass bell flare
  • Lead pipe: gold brass #3
  • Mouthpiece: Stork C10
  • CardoCase: A night at the Opera, of course - I have a severe weakness for Opera…
  • Mutes: Ion Balu and Lewis. Practice mute Best Brass Base Trombone Mute

Essential Must Haves

  • Metronome App on your smartphone.
  • Two pencils - one for you and one for your colleague ;)
  • Spotify Premium - to find all kinds of music for inspiration
  • Nuts and dried fruit-snack - Don’t let low blood suger get in your way!
  • Försvaets Hudsalva (Swedish Army Skin Protector) for your lips November-april is incredibly cold and dry in Sweden.

Something Worth Learning

Psychology; to understand yourself and the people around you. Working in a section is much more than just playing the right note at the same time as the others…

Favorite Things

All the great people I’m lucky to have around me that gives me so much energy!

My horn and the music I have the possibility to play, what would life be without it?

Practice Inspiration

Most important- Have fun! Why do we play? Because it’s FUN!!!

If you are in your early studies; write a list on things you need to work on, and make sure you have this list on your stand every day. Write a practice schedule so you know that you will work this list on a circulating basis. Hard work and good discipline will pay off later, be so sure!

If you have a tricky bar, practice it in a different tempo, character, dynamic, phrasing -take it to another –relaxed- context.

Never skip a practice. With good planning, you can have a lot of free time AND a lot of practice.

Try new things. It will probably not kill you.

Make your own music. Listen to every advice you can reach, and then do your thing. Listen to the sound of different players with an open mind, and find your own favorite sound.

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