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Adam Wolf

Adam Wolf

There are far too many walls put up between the people that go to orchestra concerts, and the people that go to rock shows.

An active freelance musician in Los Angeles, Adam has played with various orchestras, opera companies and artists all over Southern California, including the Long Beach Symphony, Debut Orchestra, San Diego Opera, The Airborne Toxic Event, Ok Go, Will I Am, and Mike Keneally. He has also recorded for various film and television studios. He also performed with Esperanza drum and bugle corps in 2001; 2003-2006. Adam is best known for his band Rock Horn Project.

The Rock Horn Project is a rock/classical/pop/jazz/metal fusion ensemble, using the french horn as a solo instrument, with electric guitar and bass, drums, piano and string quartet. The choice of instrumentation and style, is to bridge the gap between very powerful, and important styles of music, audience, and performance. There are far too many walls put up between the people that go to orchestra concerts, and the people that go to rock shows. There is no reason for them to not come together and explore different colors of sound, and styles of playing that can only be heard by going to a Rock Horn Project show. The french horn is one of the most recognizable instruments in the world, while also being an instrument that few people outside of music know the name of. It has been type-casted and stereotyped into the back of an orchestra, or cascading over a film score, but the horn is so much more versatile than given credit for. In the music, we explore every aspect of the horn, and continue to tear down borders put around the instruments full potential, while also being fun and exciting to watch and listen to.

Along with horn playing, Adam is an accomplished classical composer. From wind band to sonata, Adam has written many pieces, most notably "Skyward" for wind band premiered in Carnegie Hall in 2009 and "The Devil Inside" for trombone and brass ensemble, premiered by James Miller in 2013.

As a teacher, Adam has taught at numerous middle and high schools around Southern California. He currently runs the brass ensemble at West Ranch High School, and is on staff for the marching band. In addition to West Ranch, Adam is the music designer for the Esperanza High School marching band, teaches privately, and has been on the brass staff at Pacific Crest drum and bugle since 2009. Adam is a graduate of California Institute of the Arts, with a Bachelors in Fine Arts in performance/composition.



My Kit

  • Horn: Conn 8D
  • Mouthpiece: RHP Solo made by John Putnam
  • Mutes: Ion Balu and Ssshh Mute
  • Pedals: Digitech Whammy, T-Rex Delay, Fulltone Distortion, Boss Reverb

Must Haves

  • DCT
  • A Bb side
  • My phone
  • Clean hands and feet

Something Worth Learning

  • Everything under a Snapple cap
  • Success is never an accident, whether you decide or someone else does, it was decided.

Favorite Things

  • Playing with RHP
  • Going to a baseball game A good hot tub hang Overcast weather
  • Going to a movie
  • Buffalo Wings
  • Drum Corps
  • Teaching

Practice Inspiration

  • Don’t let someone else decide the player you are going to be.
  • A phrase is never too hard, you just need to pick the right tempo! You’re never too old to work on scales.


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