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Don Maslet Mutes for French Horn


Designer: Don Maslet


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Don Maslet Mutes are crafted in England of a carbon fiber body and wooden bottom plate with a black exterior finish. Don Maslet straight are some of the finest available, and in high demand by elite players. They are tunable and lightweight.

 Model Description
Long Mute A tunable, lightweight Rittich-style long mute offering a crisp sound with excellent intonation in all tessitura, with an open low register and a very responsive top range.
Short Mute Designed in collaboration with Michael Thompson, and based on the now discontinued Paxman Horn mute. Unlike their predecessor, Maslet short mutes have an adjustable tuner making it the only truly tunable mute on the market. Each mute includes a set of attachable pads allowing use with large bore horns. Sturdy construction and short length allow for easy storage. They offer excellent intonation in all tessitura, with an open low register and very responsive top range. They work well with large throat bell horns, as they do not enter as far into the throat causing less distortion of the sound quality
Touring Practice Mute Made of lightweight fiber construction with wooden bottom plates, a synthetic foam lip for secure bell placement, and a black finish, this mute features a variable tuning and resistance mechanism. Tuning is adjusted by moving the tuning tab located at the top of the mute. The small white tube found at the base of the mute controls resistance and is regulated by altering its position with the aid of a pencil or completely removed if so desired.

Made in England.

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