Meister Hans Hoyer Horns

B&S GmbH
The Master Instrument Maker B&S GmbH is located in the picturesque music corner of Germany - the Vogtland.
No other region can look back at over a 200 year tradition in the development and manufacture of musical
instruments. It is not only the lifelong work of the community but the Meinl family and their company as well.
Gerhard A. Meinl, whose family has been in the music industry for 7 generations, acquired the parent company
Wenzel Meinl GmbH (WMM) in Geretsried (the manufacturer of Melton-Brass) and merged it into the TA Triumph-
Adler AG. There Mr. Meinl launched the IMM Music Group and eventually the TA Music Group. Soon he acquired
the former VEB brass and signal instrument factory and consolidated them under the umbrella of the parent
company in the successful musical Vogtland Factory (VMI).
In 1994, under the now consolidated corporate group JA Musik in Markneukirchen, Europe’s most modern
manufacturing facility for brass instruments went into operation as a true center of excellence in the art of
instrument building. Now the home of the renown high quality brands of B&S, Meinl Weston, VMI, Scherzer and
Meister Hans Hoyer, more than two centuries of traditional master craftsman methodology is combined with
advanced manufacturing and production techniques. Utilizing a regionally developed Master Craftsman training
program, the knowledge, experience and skills of previous generations are passed forward to a new generation of
artisans to ensure exceptional quality instruments.
Today the company trades as B&S GmbH and is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of
professional brasswind musical instruments. By considering and fulfilling the highest artistic demands, our
instruments have found their way into the most famous performing groups in the world. Additionally we value the
very strong personal relationships with a variety of artists and musicians throughout the world, and we incorporate
their knowledge and expertise in the development of our fine instruments in order to optimize response, intonation
and tone character.
For the perfect sound, we give everything
The love of music, coupled with the deep understanding of musicians and their demands on their instruments,
are the very foundation of our work. We speak the language of musicians, listen to them carefully and do everything
to ensure that their desires as well as needs are fully considered and incorporated in the manufacturing of
all our extraordinary instruments. We are conscious of tradition, on the basis of 200 years of experience, and we
do it competently with mastery of our craft, sensitivity and flexibility. We are also committed to modern manufacturing
process techniques but only where it does not compromise ultimate performance. Here at B&S, all of our
team members share the passion for music and the goal of achieving the perfect sound. With that passion and
singular focus only then can we build brass instruments of the highest quality. Whether you are an accomplished
virtuoso or simply aspire to be, to give your best you should play the best….play B&S.