Marcus Bonna Horn Cases

 Marcus Bonna was a São Paulo State Symphony Orchestra horn player from 1982 to 2002. After suffering an accident in 1990 and have had his back seriously hurt, he designed an original case that was lighter and more compact than any available in the market in order to facilitate the transportation of his instrument.  To his surprise, the case was so successful among his colleagues from the orchestra that, in a short time, the same colleagues had the new case made in fiberglass by Marcus Bonna himself. (Model MB 1).
In 1991, the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra had a performance in São Paulo, where the horn players from this orchestra saw the new horn case model. They were so impressed they were interested in ordering them. For this reason, in 1991 the MB company was founded, which now has 45 employees at the head office located in Bragança Paulista (80km from São Paulo). The new facility handles the production, manufacture, cafeteria for the employees, and an auditorium with which performances and classes can be offered. Currently the MB company exports about 480 cases a month for more than 25 countries.  Cases and mutes are all handmade in the factory.
All MB Cases are exclusive (some of them are protected by a patent),  designed and developed by Marcus Bonna himself.