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Laskey Horn Mouthpiece Blowout Sale!!


We have a small number of Laskey Mouthpieces left in stock that we have now put on sale until the last mouthpiece is sold. We are no longer dealing Laskey mouthpieces, so if you are looking for something that is no longer available, we may have great alternatives to suggest to you and your students! Please contact us for more details!
The Numbering System

Laskey french horn mouthpiece models are designated using the metric system. The first digit is dropped and the decimal is removed. The model numbers refer to the rim inner diameter.

For example:

17,0mm is our 70 series

17,5mm is our 75 series

18,25mm becomes our 825 series

A Unique Rim Contour

The unique rim contour offers a round shape and definition to the inside diameter, which gives the player the feeling of easy movement, control, accuracy, improved intonation, and flexibility. All Laskey french horn mouthpiece models share the same rim contour.


The Euro Shank Series

The Euro Shank Series, by the Laskey Company, offers a solution to many who play a German made instrument with the larger mouth pipe receiver, such as Schmid, Hoyer, Alexander, etc.  With a better fit, the mouthpiece adds more "presence" to the sound, crisp response and attack, and improves intonation. The Euro Shank Series is identifiable in 2 ways, a small letter "e" following the model number, and a pronounced ring cut into the top of the shank.

French Horn Cups

Most models are available in 4 cups, designated by a letter.  All cup sizes are made with a standard throat size of .182"/("14")/4,62mm.

  • J --shallow-- slightly more shallow than the G cup with a brilliant round and sweeter sound. The more conical shape offers a brilliance with a bite.
  • G --standard-- fantastic mix of tone and color available in all models and has an extremely clear, centered, focused sound
  • F --medium deep-- more funnel shaped with a thicker rounder sound, without sacrificing clarity of attacks
  • E --deep-- although a deep cup, the sound profile is rich while maintaining some brilliance

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