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WaterWick Replacement Pack


Designer: The JoyKey

$23.95 $32.00

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WaterWick Replacement Pack for The JoyKey

The WaterWick has been carefully designed to allow optimal water drainage and maintain ideal sound clarity, air flow and quality of performance. The WaterWick lifespan will vary from user to user and JoyKey to JoyKey. We recommend that you replace WaterWicks every four months to ensure optimal water drainage.

To replace a WaterWick unscrew the cap. Remove the used WaterWick and insert the replacement. Make sure the short end is inserted into the instrument. Check if the O-ring needs to be replaced. Place the O-ring onto the filter end extending out of the instrument. Then screw the cap back on. Finished.

Replacement WaterWick packs come with a replacement O-ring.

Used WaterWicks can be recycled.

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