Top 10 reasons to visit Siegfried's Call during the IHS45 Symposium in Memphis 2013! July 24 2013, 0 Comments

10. Meet the Nelsen's Family

From 10-11AM Tuesday July 30th. Get a free poster, pictures with the Neslen's, an autograph, and possibly be serenaded by their son Rhys on his mini horn.



9. Advancements to CardoCases

Check out the advancements CardoCases have made to their L size. Now with more room and a corpus (seat belt) more horns than ever can fit In them.

8. Horns-A-Plenty Christmas

On our table we have merchandise and information from Donald Kraus about Horns-A-Plenty Christmas.

7. Mutes! Lots and lots of mutes.

With over 16 brands of mutes on our table, you can test, firsthand, a variety unlike any other collection in the world.

6. VaultCards! Every instrument owner should have one on their case.

Learn about our incredible new VaultCards! Every instrument owner should have one on their case. If your instrument is lost or stolen, Pawn Shops and the Authorities are notified. Protect your investment. Ask about the vault cards, provided as another example of top quality service from Siegfried's Call.

5. Mastercraftsman, Martin Ecker, of Dieter Otto Horns

Say hello to Martin Ecker, owner and Mastercraftsman of Dieter Otto Horns. We will have a fabulous 4-valve Bb Wagner Tuba, an all-piston double compensating horn, a descant, a triple, and of course the 180K-JN Jeff Nelsen Models. We have 2 ready to sell to the first takers, Houghton horns and Osmun Music will have them on their tables as well.

4. Designer Tees

Stay Cool with our brand new designer Tees. Available in multiple styles and colors.

3. Accessories

We have amped up our accessories! From the BERP to the PETE to the BUZZARD and the grease, we've got something interesting for you.

2. Dürk and Lewis & Dürk Horns

Dürk and Lewis & Dürk horns in the perfect configurations for you to feel, see, and hear what makes these beauties purr like a Porsche.

1. Sound Advice.

The Siegfried's Call team is excited and anxious to share with you our knowledge and experience. From Chopsaver to Meister Hans Hoyer Horns, your talent matters.  Sign up for our newsletter and get a free gift.