Why book an appointment for a consultation? May 21 2013, 0 Comments

What exactly is a consultation in this industry? Who needs that? Isn't that a fancy word for salesman?

It is true that we are a shop like any other, selling things. It is also true that I have a reputation as a salesman. There is a great disconnect between being labelled just a "salesman" in relation to labels we give others such as "teacher", "player", and "horn buddy". Because of my work, I am a "salesman", but I have never been "just" a salesman. Why? because I have also been the "teacher", "player", and "horn buddy". I have taken my education and work so far as to now be labelled "repairman", "craftsman". 

Over the years, I had noticed, especially when I was younger that the disconnect that was happening here was solely because I stood on the other side of a table. But working with horn players around the world, I have taken note of a few key factors and strategies that help players of all levels focus their attention, assisting them in clarifying for them a deeper understanding of what it is that they may be seeking with regards to equipment, ultimately guiding them in a sometimes difficult decision making process. 

I have transcended from standard sales guy and have put all the pieces together. I am comfortable in my skin to now offer consultation. 

By clicking the link on the bottom of the page, which directs you to our automatic booking/appointment pages, you can see the different types of consultation services I offer. I am up front with this... my time with you has worth, but if you choose to buy from me, I will waive that fee as a thank you. If you choose not to buy from me, that is ok too. I get paid for my time, and you go home with a better understanding of what you are looking for. I think that that creates a win win situation, don't you?

Although this is a very new concept to our industry, I hope that you will enjoy the time spent with me in these sessions, and let me know how I can improve upon it.

In preparation for opening Siegfried's Call for the first time in the fall of 2006, my step father, who is a personal hero, confidently told me, "Scott, you have a degree in education and a Master of Music from Boston University, you've played professionally and have taught at a music school, you have worked in a music shop and learned how horns were built by a Master Craftsman in Germany, who wouldn't want to experience whatever you may have to offer?" I thank him for that vote of confidence, and carry it with me every day.

Just a little of my Sound Advice.

Scott Bacon