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Welcome to our neck of the woods!

When an instrument is dropped off for a service, or when folks have traveled a distance to visit us regardless of any instrument repair needs, often we're asked about where to go to grab a bite to eat, or if there are any interesting things going on around town they could explore while they do have some time in the area to spend.

This is the first post in what will be a recurring series. Over this and the course of the next several installments, I'll be acquainting you with the Hudson Valley region, connecting you with some favorite spots to eat in Beacon and interesting places to visit nearby, and also highlighting a few upcoming festivals and events, in case when planning your visit to our shop you want to also add that extra layer of an experience. I figure, you'll already have made the drive, right? Why not have a great bite to eat to look forward to? or a unique side stop spot to stretch your legs during the drive home (or while your horn's bell is being cut?) So, let's get started.

"I'm lost!"

We're located in Beacon, New York, which is part of the Hudson River Valley. The Hudson River itself is 315 miles long and runs from the Adirondacks all the way down to the Atlantic Ocean. Near us in Beacon, the water is brackish and the river is almost 2 miles wide. The Hudson Valley is considered to extend from near Albany down to about the middle of Westchester County, situating our City of Beacon just about smack in the middle. Once you're in town, we're very close to the I-84 highway and only a few blocks off Main street. Our shop is one of several diverse tenants in the now privately-owned old Beacon High School building. We occupy about 1700 square feet on the main floor, in fact we're in what used to be the school's old Art room! The teacher's office was converted into our Ivasi and trial room; the film developing dark room converted to our staff kitchen; the kiln area turned into what will be our buffing room, and the rest of the space is dedicated to retail display, repair benches and tools, HornGuard manufacture, ultrasonic cleaning, plating equipment, and our pack and ship station.

"I'm hungry!"

Beacon's Main street stretches one mile long from the River on the West end, to Fishkill Creek on the East end. The shop is closer to the East end of town, so let me start there with some favorite spots we bring our friends for lunch or dinner. All are walking distance. In my next post I'll highlight some spots about a 10 to 15 minute's drive away. I want to mention that we have no affiliation with any of these establishments, we are all merely happy, regular patrons.

East End

The Hop - closed on Tuesdays, but offering 16 beers on draft and hundreds of bottles for sale in their side shop, plus an artisan menu with items like BBQ Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese, or a maple bacon-garnished duck fat-sauteed Brussels sprouts appetizer.

Dogwood - local, seasonal draft brews and organic, locally-sourced ingredients for their pub menu, they also host live music almost every night (closed on Mondays.) Dinners (or very late Lunch) only.

Barb's Butchery - our local butcher offers a weekly lunch specials menu! Only one item per day and each day and week changes, but the constant is that they're all very, very good.  Check her out!

West End

Ella's Bellas - offering the most incredible gluten-free food and baked goods, surpassed only - possibly - by the insanely great on-site roasted and freshly ground coffee from Tas Cafe. All delicious. A solid choice for those with dietary restrictions.

Towne Crier Cafe - part restaurant and bar, part concert venue. The pastry chef's resume includes Le Cirque and her creations alone are enough to make you want to pull up a chair, but then there's the rest of the menu.

Max's on Main - a great sports bar, through and through. Cool ambiance and nice staff. My favorite things to order are the Beacon Rolls or the BBQ Chicken Caesar Wrap (Scott prefers Steak Night on Thursdays!)

Homespun Foods - this establishment thrives on featuring market-fresh ingredients, with a little specialty mixed in. Typical fares include panini, quiche, and seasonal soups, among other great choices.


"I'm bored!"

There is no shortage of things to see or do in a naturally, culturally, and historically rich area such as the Hudson Valley... I think it's worth mentioning these spots as places to either kill some time at while you're waiting for a same-day repair to be done, or to hit up either on your way into or out of town. For now I'll highlight things quite near-by and save things a little more of a drive away for the next post.


Howland Cultural Center - on the National Register of Historic Places, the small architecturally-significant building itself is beautiful to tour, but align your visit with one of the many cultural events hosted there and you won't be disappointed.

Dia: Beacon - a spaciously impressive modern art museum housed in an ex-Nabisco box printing factory right on the Hudson river. This venue has many long-term installations and a few that rotate.  The Bruce Nauman audio/visual display ("Mapping the Studio I") in the basement is especially stirring.

Mount Beacon - are you a hiker? Take a walk up our natural landmark, a high peak of the Hudson Highlands. On a clear day you can see the Manhattan skyline, a full 50 miles to the south. This peak was used for signal fire communications during the Revolutionary war. 


Bannerman Castle on Pollepel Island - the remnants of a Scotsman's fortress in the middle of the River is something you can tour, along with the rest of the island, thanks to the Bannerman Castle Trust laboring under the National Maritime Historical Society. The castle was destroyed by fire in 1969.  (Passenger boat reservations recommended in advance.)

Sloop-Clearwater - one of our most famous Beaconites, Pete Seeger, saw his vision come to life in the launching of the Sloop, the boat he helped raised funds to build to draw attention to the pollution in the River back in the late 1960's.  The Sloop offers on-board educational programs as well as public sails.

"I'm coming!"

Great! We can't wait to see you. Book an appointment online at your convenience using our "Book Appointment Now" button, found at the bottom of every single page on our website. See you soon!

Andrea Bacon
B.S. in Finance, Mount Saint Mary College '01
Financial Analyst IBM
Co-Owner of Siegfried's Call, Inc.





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