New French Horn Mouthpiece Rims March 18 2014, 0 Comments

Siegfried's Call has been working very closely with Dave Houser the last year in development of a new series of rims for french horn players.

We have noticed that for horn players who enjoy "setting in" with their embouchure, the exterior shapes haven't provided a real concrete feel on the face. We explored this observation a bit further and found that only on cushion rims did it exist. Therefore we developed a line of cushion rims, as well as thin rims (based roughly off of a Bloom rim face) but with a nice curve on the inside edge and a grippy shelf on the outside....

We also chose to use stainless steel as a material because of the enduring quality of the material... with a finished Bronze H-Kote that will provide years of durable wear.

There are 3 series of rims to choose from: SCCR (Siegfried's Call Cushion Rim), SCTR (Siegfried's Call Thin Rim), SCUTR (Siegfried's Call Ultra Thin Rim).


In addition to our own series of rims, we are developing a line called the SCASR (Siegfried's Call Artist's Series Rims). These rims are customized by our artist's to suit their performance situations.

Sizes for each series are:

SCCR: 17.5mm -18.50mm

SCTR: 17.25-18.5mm

SCUTR: 17.25-18.5mm

SCASR: Variable depending on the Artist. Our first rim is the Rachel Drehmann rim (17.75mm)

The sizes are available in .25mm increments. The threads are 3/4 x 36 Giardinelli standard threads, with a junction point of .660".  The rims are designed to work well with older Giardinelli, Schilke 2-piece, Mooswood, Osmun, and Houser cups. They may work on other cups made with the same threading too... We just have to try it!



Stop by the shop or see us at the next workshop to test these out.  We are extremely pleased to begin offering these rims!!

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