Top 10 reasons to attend the Fearless Performance Workshop January 01 2014, 0 Comments

Each day, we will be doing a countdown of the Top 10 leading up to the workshop on January 11.


 “Jeff Nelsen’s Top Ten Reasons for Attending a Fearless Performance Workshop”:


10. Learn how Fearlessness affects all areas of your life…not just in music. 

  • Anytime you are in front of a group as a teacher, lecturer, performer, etc... you can use this information to help you.

9.   Know how to make and execute your practice plans.

  • Some people "wing it" through life without a plan; that is not always the best way to approach music preparation!

8.   Learn how to make permanent improvements in the practice-room

  • People often say, "practice makes perfect." But, only PERFECT practice makes perfect! Learn how!

7.    You can actually look forward to your next performance

  • Playing should be fun! Put the joy of playing back into your performance.

6.   Close your quality gap between what you can do and actually do in performance.

  • Wouldn't it be nice to show the world what you really are able to do? Everyone should hear what you hear in the practice room!

5.    Learn how to get the gig!

  • Isn't that one of the reasons you play? And, if you get paid for doing so, bonus!

4.    Stop wasting time in the practice room

  • We are a society of procrastinators~ learn how to use your time wisely and efficiently!

3.    Learn how to get into your dream music school(s)

  • Audition. The mere word can instill fear into even the most talented players. Learn how to prepare for the audition(s) of your life and "WOW" the powers that be!

2.    See how you can get better faster than everyone else

  • Just like our New Year's resolutions, we want instant gratification. While we cannot promise that, we CAN show you ways to get better faster than you have in the past. That might be better than a resolution!

1.     Learn how to nail your next audition

  • This one is for ALL performers! Whether you are auditioning for a seat in your ensemble, county, district or state festivals, youth symphonies, college auditions or a professional gig, we all could use tips on how to make the audition the best it can be~

Please visit Jeff's website, for schedule and registration information.

We hope to see you this weekend!