Siegfried's Call to host Horns A Plenty Christmas November 20 2013, 0 Comments

On December 14th, Siegfried's Call is hosting Horns A Plenty Christmas. Don Krause is flying in that day to conduct a mass horn choir rehearsal and concert. All interested horn players please register. The event is free and the concert is free to the public. Any donations made by participants or the public audience will go towards local scholarships that will be set up. We anticipate a wonderful time, and look forward to making this a yearly

In addition to the mass horn choir rehearsal and concert, we are offering 2 free masterclasses with Erik Ralske and Javier Gandara of the MET Opera NYC.

The first masterclass focuses on the collegiate horn player, and the second offering is for middle school and high school players.

The day starts at 12PM and runs until 6 PM. We have the facilities to provide rehearsal space, concert venue space, and refreshments.

To register, please click this link and fill in the online form.  We hope to see you there. Beacon is a wonderful community of artists and musicians, entrepreneurs and hard working folk. We hope to bring this great community a little cheer this holiday season.

The day also includes a maintenance and repair clinic by our very own Sarah Pierce! 

Please feel free to contact our event coordinator, Kyra Sims here: